I will admit, up front, that I have a problem. I like to shop. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the South Bay or on a vacation, I like to shop. However, I will also admit, I rarely shop for myself. I always shop for others.

When I received a membership inquiry from Raul Hernandez, a personal stylist with Macy’s, I became very intrigued. “A Macy’s Personal Stylist focuses exclusively on you! Whether you’re getting ready for an interview, refreshing your wardrobe or searching for the perfect gift, our Personal Shoppers can help save you time and money. Personal Stylists are easy, fun and absolutely free,” commented Hernandez.

Hernandez has been with Macy’s for 15 years. His responsibilities have included merchandiser, sales, management and his current position of personal stylist. I asked Hernandez if he would personally offer me a shopping experience, so I could better understand the role of a personal shopper. He agreed.

Hernandez asked me two questions, what was I looking for and what size I was. We coordinated a date and time to meet at Macy’s. Raul greeted me and showed me to a private dressing room that had several different outfits, as well as individual articles of clothing. He briefly went through the inventory he had selected for me and left me to try everything on. I will admit some of the combinations that he selected were not the typical style or color I would have chosen for myself. However, I tried everything on and was very surprised that I purchased several of the combinations that I would have never thought I would.

“A focus of my job is to put a “positive” on someone’s day. I tailor an individual’s shopping experience to them. If necessary, we will walk around the store together, or if they prefer, I will shop for them and then they can come in and try things on. We want to develop a rapport and to make a connection with each individual shopper,” stated Hernandez.

At the conclusion of my experience, Raul also acted as the cashier. I did not have to wait in line. He took care of me from the moment I stepped foot into Macy’s until my transaction was complete. The experience was easy and fun, not to mention time saving. And to reiterate, a Personal Stylist is free, there is no minimum purchase and there is no expectation of purchase.

It’s incredibly easy to secure a session with Macy’s Personal Stylist. You can book an appointment online up to 48 hours in advance, by phone at 800-343-0121, or in person by walking into the store office.

Every stylist is well-versed in all the product categories that Macy’s carries, from large items (e.g., a sofa or bed) to smaller ones (e.g., accessories).

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values Macy’s membership.

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