This week I had the incredible fortune to visit two family owned businesses in Torrance. Each of these businesses, Palos Verdes Bowl and the Van Lingen Group, have been located in Torrance for more than 60 years. This week’s article will focus on Palos Verdes Bowl and next week, the Van Lingen Group.

As I entered Palos Verdes Bowl, I noticed lanes filled with people enjoying one another’s company and I heard words of encouragement and praise being exchanged all around.

Charlotte Melsh, Jim Reed and Chris Brandt welcomed me and instantly began talking about the benefits of bowling. “Everyone can bowl. It develops hand-eye coordination for individuals with special needs, it promotes teamwork and it provides an opportunity to participate in a fun and positive social environment,” commented Melsh.

In addition to bowling, Palos Verdes Bowl has banquet rooms to rent. “These rooms can be used for birthday parties, reunions, baby showers, athletic celebrations and employee appreciation,” stated Reed.

Brandt added that Palos Verdes Bowl also accommodates corporations for team building, trainings and parties or meetings.

As I learned about the several amenities of Palos Verdes Bowl, I also became intrigued with its history. I learned that the land that Palos Verdes Bowl is on is the last parcel annexed from Lomita, that when initially opened Palos Verdes Bowl operated 24/7 and that for the first ten years of operations, there were actually three bowling centers within a 10 mile radius.

I was provided the opportunity to meet George Brandt, owner of Palos Verdes Bowl since 1958. A very humble man, he too, welcomed me and shared a little bit about the history of the bowling alley.

As I concluded my visit and was walking to my car, I thought about the fun and memorable times this extraordinary place provides to its customers. Yes, it is a place where friends, colleagues and relatives come together to enjoy bowling, but it is also a place that fosters long term friendships, a place that provides a location to celebrate a special occasion, and most importantly a place that creates an atmosphere of fun for everyone.

Thank you Palos Verdes Bowl for being a valued member of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce for 35 years.

Click here to learn more about Palos Verdes Bowl or call (310) 326-5120.

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