What an incredible way to begin our Fourth of July celebration!  The Torrance Fire Explorer Program was hosting a pancake breakfast, so instead of eating at home, our family chose to go to the breakfast.  As we pulled up to Station One, we saw several firetrucks and firefighters.  Our grandchildren, ages two and four, were so excited. Yet, when we entered the grounds, that is really when the excitement began. There was entertainment, fun games for children, a bounce house and an atmosphere that felt like one BIG family get together. The proceeds of the event benefitted the Fire Explorer Program.

The City of Torrance Fire Department, and Learning for Life, in a joint partnership, bring the career of firefighting to life by offering youth participants an opportunity to learn about the fire service firsthand.

Fire Explorers, under close supervision, participate in non-hazardous activities that will familiarize participants with the nature and demands of the fire service. In addition to learning about the fire service, the main goal of the Fire Explorer Program’s is to provide young adults with a sense of responsibility to their community through ongoing community-based activities. Fire Explorers will train in five areas of development: Career, Character, Service, Life Skills, and Leadership Experience.

The Fire Explorer is the entry level position in the Torrance Fire Department’s “Grow Our Own” series. This is the very first opportunity to learn and understand about a career in the fire service at its most basic level. Fire Explorers with the Torrance Fire Department will learn how to prepare themselves to be competitive in a very aggressively sought after career within the fire service.

Fire Explorers work under the immediate supervision of a Firefighter who is the Explorer Post Advisor. Fire Explorers are assigned to specified duties and activities based on completed training and demonstrated ability and experience. The organizational structure of the Explorer Post is similar to that of the Fire Department. This allows for the development of leadership skills and abilities to be nurtured and utilized within the young adults participating.

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