Like many of you, I’ve heard of the Torrance Woman’s Club, but I’ve really never taken the time to learn about their history or become knowledgeable as to why they are such an asset to the Torrance community. The Torrance Woman’s Club was founded in 1921, emerging from a small neighborhood sewing group. The ladies soon learned that their scope of interests was not limited to “their own backyard gardens and sewing baskets”. On March 19, 1921, Mrs. C.W. Stock was elected as the first president of the Torrance Woman’s Club. They also opened their initial bank account at the First National Bank depositing $4.95.

 Meeting in church halls, school auditoriums or any place available, the members, at their November 20, 1922, meeting decided to establish a building fund for a clubhouse. Into the fund went $150 of their $171 bank account and the years of money raising events began. In 1924, their building site on Engracia Avenue was purchased for $2,515.

In February, 1932, the Torrance Woman’s Club was hostess to 800 women of the President’s Council of California Federation of Los Angeles District.  This was the largest gathering ever held in Torrance to that time.

The Torrance Historical Society honored the Torrance Woman’s Club in 1988 with the unveiling of a bronze plaque, placed on the front of the building, designating the Clubhouse a Historical Site.  The ceremony, on the front steps, was attended by members, civic leaders, TV and newspaper reporters.

“Today, the Torrance Woman’s Club is a robust non-profit philanthropic organization.  Last year we donated over $25,000 in cash and $8,300 in material donations to various charities and scholarships. Additionally, club members donated over 27,426 hours to assist charities,” stated Fran Day, past President. 

In addition to philanthropy, the Torrance Woman’s Club also hosts a “Game Day” the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.  Each month, a different charity is selected to receive a $5 donation, collected from each player.  Dessert and beverage is served, and the winner and last place participants are awarded a prize.  Excursions and events are also held throughout the year, including trips to museums and points of interest tours.

“The Torrance Woman’s Club meets the first Wednesday of each month, September through June.  Meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. and include a luncheon and program.  The cost is $10 per person.  If you are interested in attending a meeting, please call 310-533-9116,” explained Barbara Freeman, president.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce extends appreciation to the Torrance Woman’s Club for being a member since 1997 and recognizes that through their philanthropic efforts, the Torrance community is truly a richer community.


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