Donna Attends 3rd Anniversary Celebration at Welbrook Senior Living South Bay


As I walked into Welbrook Senior Living South Bay, I was greeted by several enthusiastic and welcoming residents and staff. I was guided down a beautifully decorated hallway to a room that was filled with pink and white decorations.


Welbrook Senior Living South Bay was celebrating its third anniversary with an event open to the public. The Cherry Blossom Festival-themed event featured a variety of food and entertainment, including a traditional Taiko drum performance by Asano Taiko and a mochi pounding demonstration called “mochitsuki.” Appetizers and cocktails were from King’s Hawaiian, Mitsuwa Market, Lisa’s Bon Appétit and Welbrook South Bay.


I visited with several guests that evening. One family that I was introduced to was so intriguing. They were talking about cows crossing the street, many years ago, where Western Ave became a dead end. They reflected on the small town feel as the City of Torrance grew. And, they fondly recalled the fun times growing up and doing things, as a family, in the South Bay.


Our conversation grew even more interesting when I learned I was talking to Welbrook resident Carol Wright and her family. Carol explained that she retired from the City of Torrance after serving 31 years in the central services division. Carol also informed me that her husband, Robert, served 28 years with the Torrance Police Department. I could have spoken with this family for hours. The history they shared was so valuable.


Welbrook South Bay provides a senior living experience tailored to the needs of each resident. If the third anniversary celebration was any indication, it appeared that the residents were thoroughly enjoying their time and experience.


The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce extends appreciation to Welbrook South Bay Senior Living for being an active and engaged chamber member.

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