Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘hidden gem’ as an idiom which means something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about. As I entered WineShoppe, the words ‘hidden gem’ immediately came to mind. However, opened in February 2007, I realize that many are aware of this amazing store.


Greeted by Mike McCraley, Proprietor, I immediately fell in love with this location as it is organized, welcoming and provides a customer with so many options. “WineShoppe is a boutique store specializing in unique and hard-to-find wines from around the world. Organized according to flavor profiles which is based on how the wines are blended, making it easier to find that perfect bottle. Our main price point is $10 to $25, however, if you have your heart set on spending more or are looking for something extra special, we will happily oblige you in the ‘if you insist’ section,” explained McCraley.


WineShoppe offers wine tastings every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 5 – 8 pm. The tasting room has wine maps from around the world highlighting wineries the McCraleys have visited.


Mike and his wife, Marla, are the proprietors of WineShoppe. “This has been a non-stop joyous ride. We are only open 48 hours a week as we strive to keep balance in our lives. This is a wonderful community to do business in,” stated McCraley.


WineShoppe provides a great way to explore new and different wines from around the world by participating in their Wine Club. Wine Club members ($39.99/month) receive two hand selected wines from around the world, a choice of red, whites or one of each, every month.


As I was leaving WineShoppe, I noticed an incredible display behind the counter. This display added to my fondness of this store. Neatly arranged were photographs of the McCraleys’ grandchildren at various stages of their lives. “Our grandchildren play an important role in our lives,” smiled McCraley.


Anyone seeking a unique and memorable gift for a housewarming party or special occasion should head to WineShoppe to peruse the delightful selection of wine-inspired gifts, ranging from clever coasters to hilarious hand towels and more.


The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values WineShoppe’s 11-year membership and wishes Mike and Marla continued success.


You can visit them at 2733 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA 90505 – just next door to Gaetano’s Restaurant, or visit them online by clicking here.

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