Driving to Tanya Gonzales’ State Farm Agency, my mother’s voice popped into my head as I thought about different types of insurance Tanya and I might discuss. I vividly remember my mom reiterating, when I was in my early 20s, how critical insurance was. She would say, “Donna Lee, never go without insurance. It is so important.”

As I parked and entered Tanya’s office, I couldn’t help but feel welcomed. In fact, the entire office was incredibly peaceful and calming. Tanya and her husband Michael, also an agent, provided a brief tour of the nicely decorated space which faces Hawthorne Boulevard, just south of Pacific Coast Highway. Between Tanya and Michael, they have over 24 years combined insurance experience.

“The vision for our office is to change the way that people look at insurance. We strive for an environment that creates inspiration and influence for a better world. Our commitment to insurance awareness draws on relationships built on honesty and integrity. We embody and work within the community to create levels of success through the clarification of our products. And these successes allow us to give back to the community through our time and resources,” stated Tanya.

Tanya and Michael enthusiastically spoke of their goals, not only for their office, but for the community at large. “We have wanted to focus our attention on building relationships and to create a small town feel when meeting with our clients. We are also attempting to become very involved in our community because we understand the importance of giving back,” commented Tanya.

This State Farm Agency provides auto, business, property, life and health insurance. “We aim to be a trusted and knowledgeable source. It is vital that we educate our clients and have them understand, line by line, what they are paying for,” added Michael.

As I was concluding my visit, Tanya mentioned a lifelong lesson that she lives by; work hard, be driven and anything can happen. I could truly see from the short time that I spent with Tanya and Michael that they do work hard, they are driven and they are making things happen.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values of the membership of the Tanya Gonzales State Farm Agency and extends wishes for much success. Tanya’s contact information is (424) 350-7400 or you can visit the agency online by clicking HERE.

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