Julie-RandallTorrance Antique Street Faire is a treasure in Old Torrance. As I strolled through the store, I noted how clean and organized this location is. Julie Randall, owner of Torrance Antique Street Faire, has had a storefront in Old Torrance for 17 years. “The number one item that customers are looking for is vintage furniture,” stated Randall.

Although the store does have vintage furniture, it offers so much more. Catching my eye were quilts, typewriters, books, records, jewelry, a saddle, clothes, meat grinders, and a variety of dishes, to name a few. Hoping not to date myself too much, I purchased a vinyl Quick Draw McGraw original TV soundtrack of voices, as this was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I especially loved the album cover which had large, colorful drawings of Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey.

In addition to the storefront, Julie has coordinated the Torrance Antique Street Fair for 17 years. This event is held the 4th Sunday of each month in Old Torrance from 8:00 – 3:00 p.m. Highlights include free admission and parking, 200 vintage sellers, it is pet-friendly and visitors have easy access to Old Torrance restaurants, bakery, market and sports bars.

In speaking with Julie, it is evident that she has passion for what she does. “I love my downtown Torrance neighborhood and I enjoy being part of our little community. I especially love producing the Antique Faire – I have known many of the dealers and shoppers for almost twenty years so they are friends and I look forward to the Street Faire like a party I am hosting every month,” she commented.

As with each Out and About column, I learn so much about each business I visit. The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Torrance Antique Street Faire for being a member of the Chamber, but most importantly we appreciate Julie’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Torrance community. Please take a moment to visit Torrance Antique Street Faire located at 1317 Sartori Ave., Torrance. You never know what discovery you will make. Perhaps you will find a treasure, just as I did.

by Donna Duperron

Donna is the President & CEO of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. Do you have questions about or concerns for business in Torrance? Donna would like to know. Feel free to contact her at any time.

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