UEI College Campus located at 661 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena

As I entered UEI College, it was bustling with students, teachers and administrators working together.  I was greeted by Marco Guerrero, Director of Career Services, who was eager to show me the campus and introduce me to those involved in providing industry-relevant education and training.

“Our vocational and trade school programs have one goal in mind; to prepare individuals for a career. Our programs are modeled to real world standards, so what a student does in the classroom will be what they are doing outside of the classroom, too. Students are held to workplace standards so that they are ready for an entry-level position in the career of their choice when they graduate,” explained Guerrero.

UEI offers courses in the fields of pharmacy technician, medical assistant, criminal justice, business office administration, medical billing and insurance coding, dental assistant, computer systems technician and automotive technician. UEI is also dedicated to helping veterans transition into a new career path. Financial assistance programs for active duty, National Guard, military veterans, and dependents seeking to advance their careers are available.

Throughout the tour, I was introduced to several faculty members who were extremely passionate about their jobs. “Faculty members continually encourage students attending UEI.  It doesn’t matter where a student begins, it is where they end is important,” explained Guerrero.

UEI College is hosting a JOB Fair on April 27, 2017.  Businesses that have job openings are encouraged to participate in the JOB Fair. If interested, please contact Sandra Diaz at 424-246-3020.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce extends appreciation to UEI College for being a member.

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