What a treat! This past Saturday afternoon, I attended an Aloha Celebration Showcase produced by Bourque Music.  The virtual event highlighted performers, ages five – 17, who sang and played piano.  

What made this event so memorable was how much fun everyone had.  Miss Logan, a very enthusiastic master of ceremonies, welcomed guests and as part of an ice breaker asked those in attendance to respond to, “what’s your favorite part about summer” by putting their response in the chat.  The responses included popsicles, camping, video games, swimming, playdates, hiking, ice cream, and drinking fresh orange juice.

As the performances began, I was taken back by the talent I was viewing.  Although all the performers were amazing, I did have two favorites, a young girl, dressed in a beautiful blue dress, sang Zippity Doo Dah and a young boy sang, What a Wonderful World.  The piano performances were also exceptional.

Director Michelle Bourque complimented each of the performers after they took their bow. Bourque is an alumna of the USC Thornton School of Music with 24 years of performance experience and 18 years as an educator and conductor serving many organizations and schools. Her energy and passion were evident in the confidence that each of the performers had.

Between groups of performers, BINGO was played with cards depicting a tropical theme.  A participant favorite was also a virtual scavenger hunt with a tropical theme.  Objects that needed to be found included sandals or flip flops, a hat, beach towel, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a pineapple.

Bourque Music has its roots in the community and continues to work with and within the community. Located in beautiful historic area of Old Torrance, Bourque Music offers private lessons in voice, piano, and guitar to students of all ages, levels, and styles.

Thank you for the invitation to attend the event.  The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values Bourque Music as a member and wishes much success under the new business name, Skylight Academy of Music.

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