Passion stems from caring deeply about what you do. As I concluded my phone interview with Mark Comon, Vice President, Paul’s Photo I wanted to get our Nikon camera out of its case and go outside to take pictures.  Mark’s enthusiasm about his business was infectious. Paul’s Photo is a family owned and operated store that has served the community for over 50 years. Other than a coach before a big game, I do not recall ever talking to anyone more passionate about his work.

“We continuously strive to provide our customers with the best tools, information, and service in the photography business.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been worrisome.  When we had to close our doors on March 17th, it was one of the darkest days of my life.  We had to gather employees and, with tears in our eyes, had to wish each other well. Customers were calling me at home to offer support.  When we were approved to re-open the store on May 28th, we had a large celebration,” explained Comon.

To survive in COVID times, Comon had to transition by putting all their educational classes and platforms online. They also ramped up their online shopping experience and are seeing more orders delivered and picked up in the stores. “Our business is from locals, but we have seen a tremendous increase in photographers from around the country and around the world,” stated Comon.’

People are not ready to gather yet, therefore, one of the classes we created online is Photo Boot Camp, an experience live in your home. Photo Boot Camp provides the most cohesive approach to learn how to use your camera creatively. Participants are taught how to use the functions and controls of their camera while honing skills through inspiring instruction, practical assignments, and constructive image reviews. A digital interchangeable lens camera is recommended for the class.

In addition to the online classes offered, Paul’s Photo provides expert knowledge from their sales team when visiting their store to purchase, repair or rent a camera. They also have a printing lab where dozens of photo printing services are offered including glossy papers, canvas, metal mugs or other accessories. “We also make calendars, photo books, canvas wraps and greeting cards,” said Comon.

As I concluded my conversation with Mark, I could see why Paul’s Photo has been so successful.  It is not only his passion that sets him apart, but it is also his drive to provide the best customer service possible.  The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Paul Photo for being a longtime member and wishes them continued success.

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