Donna Visits Board & Brush Creative Studio

Steve and Vivian Cohen-Millet, Board & Brush Creative Studio

Growing up in Southern California, I have always enjoyed the transition from summer to fall. Fall mornings are crisp and cool, football games generate excitement, and friends and families gather at pumpkin patches and festivals to welcome this time of year. I also look forward to decorating the inside of our house and planting a variety of colored mums in the garden. When selecting this week’s Out and About business, I thought it would be fun to tour and visit Board & Brush Creative Studio owned by Steve and Vivian Cohen-Millet to further get me in the Fall spirit.

As I walked into the Board & Brush Studio, I was in awe of the creativity, the neatness of the business and the number of projects that were on display. I was warmly welcomed by Steve and Vivian and quickly began learning about the different steps used in making a sign. The goal of Board & Brush Creative Studio is to turn individuals into a Do It Yourself (DIY) expert by supplying the knowledge needed to help in the understanding and appreciation of the beauty in raw materials – the wood, the knots, the color variations and the simple imperfections that will make a project unique.  Distressing, sanding the grain, and staining are a few of the important steps that an individual will learn through creating a personalized wood sign. And, although wood sign workshops are Board & Brush’s signature offering, they also have a variety of specialty DIY workshops available. These include doormats, porch planters, backyard games, and more.

“The one enjoyable thing about our business is that we get to see how proud everyone is when they finish a project,” smiled Vivian. Steve went on to tell a story about a woman who finished a project and was smiling from ear to ear as she exclaimed, “Wow, I can’t believe I just created that”. 

Steve and Vivian took me on a tour of their location. I enjoyed the workroom in which Steve cuts, sands and prepares all the wood for the crafts. Additionally, I admired all the tables and useful shelves that he created.

Board & Brush DIY wood sign workshops began as a “Girl’s Night Out” with wine and crafts in the founder’s basement and quickly turned into a business idea. What started out as one studio in Wisconsin has now grown to 264 locations across the United States. Additionally, Steve and Vivian have created several other themed events including, friend’s trivia night, bingo and “National” days which include the upcoming National M&M Day on October 13th.Board & Brush offers a wide variety of hands-on, private experiences from workshops, private parties, bridal showers, bachelorette gatherings, children’s birthday bashes, corporate events, and fundraisers. All educational workshops are a flat fee and include everything you will need to leave with a beautiful, classic wooden piece to adorn your walls and the skills to make another at home!

Never used a hammer, sandpaper, or a power tool? Never added picture hangers to a home décor sign to hang on your wall? Never waxed wood to protect it from the elements and make it glisten in the light? Don’t worry! Steve and Vivian will teach you all these skills. 

Steve and Vivian are examples of small business owners who enjoy their business. During my visit I experienced their passion, their confidence, their persistence and their friendliness.  The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce appreciates Board & Brush’s membership and wishes Steve and Vivian continued success. Board & Brush is found at 2421 W. 205th Street, D-102 in Torrance. They can be reached at 424.435.9859 or by visiting

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