Dan Keeton, back row.
John Schoen, far left.

By Donna Duperron

Dan Keeton and John Schoen volunteered to serve the Torrance chamber in leadership positions, both were supportive of events and programs, and most importantly both were friends with those they came in contact with.  

A funeral for Dan was held this past Sunday evening. Dan was remembered in remarks from friends and his family for his laugh, his willingness to help others and the legacy he left in their hearts. Dan served the Torrance Chamber as a board member for six years including Chairman of the Board in the 2009 -2010 fiscal year.  

“I met Dan Keeton in Leadership Torrance, class of 2005. We became co-executive directors for 2006. Dan had a way of bringing peace and clear priorities to people and rooms: To remember Dan Keeton is to hear his roaring laughter and casual demeanor — his beautiful way of ensuring those around him were comfortable and at ease. Dan was a huge baseball (Angels) fan, big brother and protector, a mischievous jokester, an insightful and committed leader and teacher, loving husband, father, and friend. He would call on his friends at unexpected times, just to let us know he cared; he always found the time. He will be forever remembered, loved, and greatly missed. ” shared Sue Moylan, Crest Marketing.

A Celebration of Life will be held on November 4th for John Schoen. John was an active chamber member for more than two decades. He served as the general manager of the Roadium Open Air Market until he opened his own business. John was an advocate for educating today’s students on active shooter preparedness and a long time supporter of the Adopt-A-School program. Government Affairs was a priority for John as he advocated in support of bills that supported business.

“When I first met John, he came into the Roadium as a marketing manager in charge of advertising and promotions. I was amazed at how he was so dedicated to putting the time and effort into everything he was involved with. When he became the GM he knew a lot about marketing but relied on his managers to teach him the business. He always listened to what others had to say and was not a “MY WAY OR NO WAY” kind of guy. 

John recognized people who needed help but were too afraid to ask or just didn’t know how. He would help his employees by buying them food or even giving them cash out of his pocket.

After we both retired we would try to get together at least once a month for a meal. John lived in a condo just south of Redondo pier and one time I remember parking at his condo then walking over to Kinkaids for lunch. As we walked we passed Tonys on the Pier and I asked him if he had ever eaten there and he said, no. On August 18th we took him there and had a wonderful meal. This was two weeks before his passing. I feel very fortunate to have been able to share that meal at Tony’s with him.

I also remember that every time we talked on the phone he would always end his conversation with “BY FOR NOW”, recalled Mike Romo, Roadium Open Air Market.

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