Small Business Council brings together small business members to discuss common issues and help identify how the Chamber can develop innovative and value-driven programs to meet member’s needs. The mission of the Small Business Council is “to help local businesses connect with one another and share best practices and work together” states Connor Hartwell, Hartwell Financial Services. The first meeting will be held on Thursday, August 4th at 8:30 am at the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. The topic of the meeting will be ‘Understanding Your Competitive Stance – How to Get & Keep Employees’ with keynote speaker Mistee Ruiz, Chief People Advisor, Facio – “Your People Solution”.

Karen Pryor of Mutual of Omaha Reverse says “Small Businesses have had it tough the past few years. Hiring employees has been a challenge, especially for those companies who don’t have the extra capital to pay higher wages. Knowing your competitive advantage can help you land and keep those employees.” The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce has listened to the requests of chamber members and have created this monthly meeting to allow small business owners to network and become educated on important topics.

Gina Lee of American Illumination encourages chamber members to participate and attend the Small Business Council meetings because “as small business operators, we have to wear many heats all at once. It’s near impossible to stay on top of the latest information and best practices in every area of running a business, all the while, actually running the business! This series is meant to tackle curated topics that are meaningful, informational, and actionable for operating a small business in today’s evolving workplace.” Check out our calendar for the next Small Business Council meeting.

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