Come Show Your Support for Torrance Police Department – Our Local Heroes!


On Thursday, March 22nd, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce will honor exemplary civilians as well as officers of the Torrance Police Department who have distinguished themselves through outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty. We’d like to give you a preview of one such individual.


The Chief’s Award will be presented to Torrance Police Psychologist, Dr. Gina Gallivan.


Dr. Gallivan has been assisting the Torrance Police Department with pre-employment psychological screening as well as with the department’s Trauma Support Team since 2009. She does comprehensive interviews with police-, service officer-, dispatch-, and other applicants to assure that Torrance employees are mentally and emotionally prepared for the job. She also meets quarterly with the Trauma Support Team — a team made up of sworn and civilian personnel of different ranks and from throughout the agency — whose mission is to provide support for fellow employees during a wide range of crises and following traumatic incidents. In 2017, Dr. Gallivan put together a three-day Peer Counseling Class for all new team members and she was instrumental in designing the department’s inaugural “Trauma Support Family Day,” which also prompted the formation of spousal support groups and networks with neighboring agencies.


But the most notable service that Dr. Gallivan provided to the Torrance Police Department this past year was during the aftermath of the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas, where many City of Torrance employees and their families were in attendance. Without hesitation, Dr. Gallivan cancelled all of her prior commitments to respond to the Torrance Police Department. She led a psychological debrief and provided assistance to those affected by the incident. She worked tirelessly to assure that every employee and every family member had the support and proper follow-up needed to help them heal from this tragic event.


This is not uncommon for Dr. Gallivan. She makes herself available 24 hours a day to the Torrance Police Department and has worked hard over the years in spearheading the importance of mental and emotional health for our police officers, and all department employees. With the Chief’s Award, the Torrance Police Department thanks Dr. Gallivan for her commitment to each and every one of its employees and their families.


We encourage you to learn more about this exceptional group of people who keep Torrance safe, and who secure the quality of life we all enjoy. Please join us on March 22nd! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

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