Leadership Torrance Class of  2005

Sue Moylan

Marketing Consultant / President

Crest Marketing, Inc.

  1. Where were you in your career right before joining Leadership Torrance?

I was working in Market Representation at Lexus when an opportunity arose to leave the traditional corporate setting and start my own marketing communications services business. At first, I continued working with Toyota in a vendor-role, but by the early 2000s, and as the result of a relationship with a well-known nonprofit consultant, much of my work transitioned into communication campaigns for nonprofits. Most of these organizations were based downtown, in the west side, and even out of state. I enjoyed being an early adopter of working from home, but I felt isolated from my local community.  It was then that I joined the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, met Donna Duperron, and was learning of something called Leadership Torrance…

  1. Where are you in your career and life now?

Twenty-plus years later, my team has grown in skills and numbers as I continue to focus on empowering mission-driven organizations and nonprofits through branding, awareness, fundraising, and communication campaigns. In addition to project-based, we now also work with some clients as their “outsourced marketing department,” developing the gamut of strategy, tactical and production components that truly turn their visions into reality. Our skills in traditional print marketing are still used daily, and they put us in a unique position to take advantage of a true integrated approach with today’s digital channels. Most of our clients are based in the South Bay and Long Beach.

  1. What insight or benefit of Leadership Torrance do you value most?

Leadership Torrance was a turning point. I learned a lot about my city and community and, more importantly, I met incredible people who will always remain good friends. Just like in my work or personal life, these relationships developed and deepened by mutual authenticity. I never looked at LT in terms of ROI or as a quick fix to expanding my client list, though this certainly occurred in a way that greatly outweighed any time and cost investment. As a result of LT I became more involved in the Torrance Chamber, was asked to join the Executive Board of Directors, co-led the 2006 class, and was able to find increased access and resources within my community to benefit my clients.

  1. Anything else you would like to share?

Understandably, any self-employed individuals or business owners may question if the time and cost of LT will offer a return. In my experience, I would highly recommend it as one of the best things I did for myself and my business. Participate deeply, give your time and self with authenticity,  and simply focus on building relationships and community; success and return will follow and still be appreciated 21 years later… 

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