Kandee Anderson, General Manager of the Torrance Marriott South Bay discusses the current use of panic buttons with Assembly member Al Muratsuchi. Additional hotels represented at yesterday’s meeting included Terranea Resort, Doubletree by Hilton Torrance-South Bay, Travelodge Torrance, Best Western Avila Suites, The Portofino Hotel and Marina, Ramada Torrance and Holiday Inn Los Angeles. Jeremy Harris, Senior Vice President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce was also in attendance.

Hotel owners and general managers gathered yesterday at the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) to discuss AB1761 with Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, co-author of the bill.

AB1761 would require, among other things, that a hotel employer, as defined, provide its employees with a panic button, as specified, in order to summon assistance when working alone in the guest room.

This bill would require a hotel employer compile and maintain a list of guests who have been alleged to have committed an act of violence or harassment against employees at that hotel, as specified and to decline service to any person on that list for three years.

The bill would require a hotel employer to notify an employee working in a room of any person who appears on the list and post a specified notice in each guest room regarding these provisions.

The bill would require a hotel employer to provide paid time off to an employee who is the victim of assault in order to contact police, a counselor, or an attorney.
The bill would impose an unspecified civil penalty on hotel employers for violations of its provisions and would provide legislative findings, in support of its provisions.
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