On Thursday, April 24, 2014, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 100th anniversary in service to the Torrance community. The event, in partnership with Leadership Torrance and co-hosted by UCLA Health, celebrated the Chamber’s history, featuring memorabilia from the Torrance Historical Society and Museum. Fifteen local business leaders were honored for their leadership and good work in the community.

These 15 add to a running list of a previous 60 that were acknowledged at the Chamber’s 60th anniversary of incorporation. Honored in 2014 were Bob and Laurie Brandt, Merv Watkins, Craig Leach, Tei-fu and Oi-Lin Chen, Frank Scotto, Joe Giacomin, Kirk Rossberg, Kurt Robinson, Mark Applegate, Michael Hunn, Michael Rouse, Michael Shafer, Richard and Melainie Lundquist, Steve Morikawa and Vic Edelbrock.  

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