Jeanne Imbrogno, Sara Myers, Nadia Sandoval

The chamber is excited to host its first Women in Business (WIB) meeting of the year. The meeting will be facilitated by co-chairs Jeanne Imbrogno (AMAG Technology, Inc.), Sara Myers (The Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach), and Nadia Sandovol (DAUM Commercial Real Estate).

The Women in Business program seeks to support women as they navigate their role in today’s workforce by providing a monthly forum for members to engage each other, form lasting relationships, and increase their career potential and growth.  The topic for January is ‘The Importance of Mentoring’.

”In my opinion, mentoring is an important component of a person’s professional development. Mentors can open doors, make introductions, and instill confidence in their mentees. They can also help a mentee learn to “read the room” and navigate the politics of the office environment”, commented Jeanne Imbrogno, co-chair.

The relatability of topics discussed has increased popularity for Women in Business, making it one of the most frequently attended monthly meetings offered by the chamber. Chamber members may Register here before January 14 to participate.

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