Torrance’s Assemblyman David Hadley authored AB 2026, addressing one of the Chamber’s legislative priorities: reasonable improvement of the California Environmental Quality Act. While TACC supports CEQA’s intent to sensibly protect the environment and to ensure the public is allowed to participate in the process, the overly complex environmental law is often misused by self-serving parties to protect their own economic interests, sometimes hindering needed development projects in the state for non-environmental reasons. AB 2026 would have curbed this issue by requiring petitioners in CEQA lawsuits to identify themselves. Unfortunately, the bill failed to pass out of committee this week; however, TACC appreciates Assemblyman Hadley’s solid work on this issue. You can view the remarks he gave during a recent committee meeting in Sacramento here.

by Brandon Matson

Brandon is the Governmental Affairs Coordinator for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. His primary responsibilities include facilitating the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Policy (GAP) group, planning Chamber events with legislators, and facilitating the Chamber's Political Action Committee (PAC). Feel free to contact him at any time.

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