TACC has been fighting two possible ballot measures seeking to raise the state minimum wage to $15/hr, one of which has already qualified for the November 2016 ballot. This week, the Legislature and labor unions have reached a tentative agreement to try to pass a $15 statewide minimum wage through the Legislature instead of taking the issue to voters in November. Here is the proposal: 

  • $10.50/hour                January 1, 2017*
  • $11/hour                      January 1, 2018*
  • $12/hour                      January 1, 2019*
  • $13/hour                      January 1, 2020*
  • $14/hour                      January 1, 2021*
  • $15/hour                      January 1, 2022*

*Delayed onset of one year for employers with 25 or fewer employees

Other Highlights

  • Indexes minimum wage annually the first January 1 after small businesses are at $15/hour
  • The Governor has the authority to pause an increase if seasonally adjusted statewide job growth for either the prior 3 or 6 months is negative and retail sales receipts for the prior 12 months is negative
  • The Governor has the authority to pause an increase if any year from the current budget year to two additional years is forecasted to be in deficit when including the next scheduled increase.

TACC is against this proposal, and is working with the “Californians Against Higher Prices Coalition” to develop advocacy strategies on this issue. Join us in the fight by signing onto the coalition here.

The Chamber will keep its members up to date on this important issue in the coming days. We will need our members’ help to protect jobs in Torrance; stay tuned.

Download the coalition fact sheet.

by Brandon Matson

Brandon is the Governmental Affairs Coordinator for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. His primary responsibilities include facilitating the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Policy (GAP) group, planning Chamber events with legislators, and facilitating the Chamber's Political Action Committee (PAC). Feel free to contact him at any time.

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