With the California Legislative Session half way over, the TACC has published its mid-year round up of legislative proposals impacting Torrance businesses. So far in 2015, the TACC has helped stop 40% of anti-business legislation from moving forward. The Chamber’s business advocacy operations have helped stifle policy proposals that would have significantly increased the cost of doing business in the State. Some of the policies no longer being considered attempted to enact employer scheduling mandates (AB 357), raise workers’ compensation costs (SB 563), and require employers to pay employees double compensation by designating Christmas and Thanksgiving as “family” holidays (AB 67).

AB 357 attempted to impose an unfair, one-size fits all, two-week notice scheduling mandate on certain retail and food employers while establishing “additional pay” penalties on employers who make changes to the schedule with less than two weeks notice. SB 563 would have significantly increased workers’ compensation costs by undercutting recent system reforms through the elimination of the Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review process for many treatment requests. AB 67 sought to require employers to pay employees double compensation on Christmas and Thanksgiving by distinguishing the two days as “family holidays.” Additionally, this bill would have placed brick and mortar stores at a competitive disadvantage by precluding online retailers from the law. The TACC continues to be your advocate to prevent bad legislation, like the aforementioned policies, from being signed into law.

How did your Representatives vote on Business Issues?

So far in 2015, State Senator Benjamin Allen has voted with the TACC 25% of the time, State Senator Isadore Hall has voted with the TACC 33% of the time, and State Assemblyman David Hadley has voted with the TACC 92% of the time. To access the specific bills being counted and the TACC’s complete mid-year advocacy summary, click here.

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