Executive Director, Terri Nishimura (third from right, back row) enjoys the special moments of the birthday bash with staff, Penny Wirsing, PTN board chair, and Donna Duperron.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce has been recognized with a Circle of Hope award by Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN).  The award was presented as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of PTN this past Sunday. Torrance firefighters grilled hot dogs, children played a variety of fun games and guests sang and danced as incredible entertainers performed.

Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) was founded in 1996 by a handful of therapists, parents and volunteers who envisioned an organization that would provide the community with high quality therapy, research and education as it relates to fostering the best possible outcomes for children with special needs. PTN’s founders committed themselves to building a high caliber resource for the many families who were struggling to find services for their children.  Today, PTN takes great pride in not only the success of the children who began with them 20 years ago but also the many staff members and volunteers who have also celebrated over two decades of service to our vast community.

“The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce and Pediatric Therapy Network have engaged in several partnerships through programs, events and activities over the past 20-year span.  PTN has been so important, not only to our chamber, but to our community.  The chamber board , staff and volunteers value the ongoing relationship”, commented Donna Duperron, President & CEO.

The inaugural Circle of Hope, Building a Foundation of Dreams for our Children, awards was presented to nine honorees.  Each honoree was introduced and escorted to the stage by a junior ambassador and a board of director from PTN.  Honorees also included the Bidwill Family, Capellino Family, Supervisor Don Knabe, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Chef Michael Shafer, Steinmetz Foundation, Valenzuela Family and the USC Chan Division of OS and OT.



by Donna Duperron

Donna is the President & CEO of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. Do you have questions about or concerns for business in Torrance? Donna would like to know. Feel free to contact her at any time.

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